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OTDR:ALK-100ACheck the point of loss


Descrizione del prodotto


Product Advantage:


1) 1310nm / 1550nm wavelength, three kinds of dynamic range is optional ; The maximum dynamic range can be up to 32db / 30db

2) Optimization model test

    In view of the network construction provided --------high speed test mode

    In view of the network maintenance---------accurate test mode

3) Advanced user friendlyThe intelligent one-key operation to start measurement

4) Continue working time for more than 10 hours, especially fit for the long time field application

5) Light: 0.9 Kg

6) Handheld portable type, convenient, favorable cost and performance ratio


Technical advantage:


1) Signal-to-noise ratio: 2.5 million programmable logic gate is used to collect data on average, improve the testing accuracy and testing speed

2) Collect data to improve: it adopts advanced technology with the international synchronization of 40 MHZ high-speed sampling technology

3) Temperature working status: it can within the scope of - 10  to 45 to normal test.

4)  Advanced laser and APD (light detector) hardware and software protection

5) Large capacity storage (maximum storage 1000 results).


Products after-sales maintenance guarantee:


1) Return is 15 days after the products are sold, 30 days for replacement

2) Main frame warranty is 3 years

3) Products of the company can be changed for new one


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