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Eloik people adhering to the "customer satisfaction, our goal." service concept. With its own excellent technical strength and international management team, to create a complete fiber optical fusion splicer service system. To improve customer satisfaction as the center, focusing on providing customers with more timely, more efficient, more convenient service and continuous efforts, pioneering and innovative.

Optical fiber fusion splicer repair services:

Domestic maintenance points, please refer to the distribution agent (ie maintenance point)

Have any questions, please call us!

24Hour Counseling Telephone: 400-879-2709    022-23455070

Technical support telephone: 15311187028

Bidding telephone: 18513872331

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Company Address:  Jinnan District, Tianjin Binhai private economic growth demonstration base Creative Center, Block A, 16th floor

Postal code:  300000


Purchase product deposit payment and public account:

Corporate name: Tianjin (China) Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

Taxpayer Identification Number:  91120112058711913E

Bank:  Bank of China, Tianjin Gegu Branch

Account number:  280470551242

Company Address:  Tianjin Binhai Private Economic Growth Demonstration Base Creative Center, Block A, 16th Floor

Tianjin Eloik customer service system description:


US and AF: EU and OA: AS and Au and Ru:


US and AF: +86 18202578478 EU and OA: +86 13672092562 AS and Au and Ru: +86 18576426851

Tianjin Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

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